AUGUST 7, 2017

                                                NOBODY SAID THIS WAS GOING TO BE EASY

                                                                      August 8, 2017

     Sometimes I feel like "The Lone Stranger" working up in my office. For instance for the last two days I have been working alone up in my "Inner Sanctum"; writing, wrestling with computer programs, doing research fro some new stories and trying to send out correspondence concerning obtaining new work. After a few hours of this type of work with nothing to show for it, except a sore neck and back, I just want to let out a scream. Unfortunately with the beautiful weather we've been having this month all of my windows are open and I don't want to set off the dogs in the neighborhood.

     When I started out on this creative path as a writer and solo performer I didn't realize how much alone time I'd have to spend. Thank goodness I have an understanding husband who isn't upset with my disappearing for a few days at a time. I am also lucky to have an understanding family who isn't upset with the strange babbling they hear coming out of my office as I talk through a new story out loud.

     Well, all you teachers, the time has come! For some it's another exciting new school year for others it's full of dread. For some it's "Time to get back in the harness" (as one of my principals would always say). For others  you never took the harness off because you loved it so much. This feeling of dread for some teachers comes from perhaps knowing that the class that you're being assigned is one of those groups that will be challenging...hyperactive, noisy, rambunctious. When I was teaching we always would say, "There must have been something in the water the year that these kids were born."

     From my own experience with these "challenging" groups I found that after I had learned how to tell stories in the oral tradition made a world of difference. Now let me make this clear...not reading from a book but sitting them down, looking them in the face and telling a story from your heart. Having this skill to tell and not read a story is something you can add to your list of things to help defuse many situations that can become stressful.

     You don't have to be terribly good at telling a story. The students will love the fact that you're putting out the effort to actually interact with them on a personal level. Most kids want to love their teachers and will think you are the best storyteller in the world because you told a story just for them.

     Storytelling is one of those classroom management skills that I feel should be taught in every college education class.

     Please look me up if you want some help in learning this skill. I'd love to be of service. I have some terrific workshops that would really brighten up those in-service days and bring a new found joy to your classroom.

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