"Thank you so much for sharing your stories all week in the Kearney Nebraska area...you made our festival! Your style, humor, creativity all intertwined into beautiful stories and enriched all who listened."

-Colleen Jacobson
Kearney Storytelling Festival
Kearney, Nebraska


AFTER DINNER ENTERTAINMENT, ADULT/FAMILY FESTIVALS AND OTHER SUCH VENUES- Ballads and stories based on literature, personal stories of life in the Midwest, ghost stories  multicultural tales and music.

BOOKS ALIVE!-Rosie will tell folktales, fairytales and stories from other cultures that have been make into books. Also some stories from books will be retold. One book will be donated to your library.

BOOK FAIRS, LITERACY FAIRS OR FAMILY FUN NIGHTS-Rosie's will entertain family groups making sure to connect the importance of reading and writing. One book containing a story from the program will be donated to your library.

GRANDPA'S SLEEPOVER AND OTHER NIGHT TIME TALES-Listen to the story of the strange things Grandpa likes to eat before going to bed and stories that kids like to hear when camping out on summer evenings. 

"Rosie was fantastic! Anyone who can keep an audience of 300 plus students and staff spellbound for an hour has a true gift. The adults were singing and laughing about the show long after it had ended."

-Steve Yoeman - Principal

Belinder Elementary School

Shawnee Mission, Kansas

MULTICULTURAL MARVELS-Let Rosie take you on a tour around the world with stories and music.

HOLIDAY PROGRAMS-Let Rosie custom design stories and music to fit your celebrations: Christmas, Winter Holidays, Halloween, Fall Festivals.

ANIMAL TALES-Animal stories from many cultures. Good for Earth Day.

-Stories and music that would have been shared by the founding fathers and mothers of our country.

SOMETHING GHOSTLY THIS WAY COMES-Scary stories and songs........not too scary if the audience is really young..........but if you're older and bolder.........WATCH OUT!

KINGS, QUEENS & LONG NOSED THINGS-Fairytales and folktales with royalty and other peculiar things.

TIRRA LIRRA-Irish folktales and music.

THE STRANGE BUT TRUE TALES OF TROUBLED COCKROACHES & OTHER ANTHROPOMORPHIC ARTHROPODS* (*talking bugs)-Rosie and her puppet Bearly share hilarious folktales about everyone's favorite bug the cockroach. An ant tale from New Mexico, a rousing rendition of the song We Like Bugs by Carl the Chameleon & Rosie singing her infamous Ghost Chickens (they like bugs too) help round out the program.

JIGGLE! GIGGLE! JUMP!-Preschool through kindergarten fun with action stories and songs. Rates adjusted down for preschools.

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS-Rosie will share stories and music with your after school or safe based groups. Much group participation included to hold kids interest.

Rosie will come dressed in period costume and show artifacts that pioneer families would have used. Artifacts included are: flint and striker (complete with demonstration of how to get a spark), charcloth, flax, period toothbrush, slat bonnet, lye soap, candle mold, betty lamp,  period toys, buffalo hide & horns, roller organ. Folksongs and folktales also included. 
A minimum time of 50 minutes or more needed for this program. 




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